Composite Bridge

Price indication $1870 – $3100 per missing tooth – Click Here


Standard Implants

Price indication: $5000 – $6500 per single tooth, $40000 – $80000 for full mouth Rehabilitation $10000 – $15000 for overdenture cases – Click Here


Mini Implants

Price indication: $1920 – $3500 per single tooth, $4000-$8000 for dentures – Click Here


Porcelain/Gold Bridge

Price indication: $1600 per unit Plus gold surcharge if applicable (e.g. $4200 for 3 unit Porcelain Bridge replacing one missing tooth) – Click Here


Maryland Bridge

(rarely done these days), is a porcelain tooth connected to one or both the teeth on either side by gluing a metal plate to the back surfaces of the teeth. Price indication $2200-2800 per missing tooth



removable appliance to replace missing teeth, much less common these days, tends to be used either as a temporary solution or a solution of last resort. As Dentists we prepare the teeth for insertion but outsource the making of the Denture to and excellent Dental Technician, with whom you deal direct. Can be combined with Mini Implants for vastly increased comfort. (Price indication – too many variables) – Click Here

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