Rob Smith – Dentist

Rob has been working as a Dentist in Wellington since 1995. His special interests are in cosmetic dentistry and replacing missing teeth. Rob has trained with some of the world’s most prominent Cosmetic Dental Specialists and has devoted countless hours in the perfection of his craft.
Wellington Dentists is fast becoming known as the Wellington area’s leading place for people who want excellence in cosmetic dentistry.
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Christie Holmes – Dentist

Christie Holmes Dentist Wellington

I graduated from Otago University in 2007 with a BDS with Credit and won the New Zealand Health Boards Dental Surgeons Association Prize. I take great pride in my work and love helping people. I really enjoy all aspects of dentistry but take particular interest in endodontics, preventative dentistry, as well as the art of cosmetic dentistry.

Jane Lambert – Dentist


I graduated from Otago University, and I have been practicing in wellington since 1994. After an initial stint at Hutt Hospital, I have worked solely in private practice. I opened my own very successful business at The Wellington Dental Practice and built up my practice as “No Pain Jane”. I enjoy all aspects of dentistry. Outside of work my hobbies include cycling, short triathlons, skiing and of course, my wonderful children!

Ruth Lambeth – Dentist

Ruth graduated from Bristol Dental School in 2013. She gained a postgraduate diploma from the Royal College of Surgeons of Edinburgh and spent two years as a dental house surgeon at Trelikse hospital in Cornwall where her interest in oral surgery and conscious sedation was sparked. Since then she has gained experience in this field within hospital, community and private practice settings and moved to New Zealand in 2017.

Jeff Jones – Dentist

I graduated University of Otago in 1993.  After a year of Hospital dentistryI moved to Wellington in 1995. I have been providing general dentistry in Wellington since then beforejoining the wonderful team at Wellington Dentists in 2019. Outside of work, I have a passion for classic cars, going to the gym, coffee and wine with friends, and the never ending process of house renovation

Lisa Bailey – Dental Hygienist

Lisa graduated from The Eastman Dental Hospital London in 2011.  I emigrated to NZ with my family in 2014. I bring lots of enthusiasm and enjoy helping my patients to achieve a high standard of oral hygiene. My aim is to optimise each patient’s oral health.

Jay Jattan – Dental Hygienist

I graduated with a BSc in 2012 and then I followed that up with a BOH in 2015. I grew up in Auckland and went to Baradene College

Sarah Tien – Dental Hygienist

I graduated with a Bachelor of Oral Health 2015 havng previously attained a Bachelor of Biomedical Sciences (Functional Human Biology) 2013

Nur Alnaimi – Dental Hygienist

I graduated from the University of Otago in 2014 as an Oral Health Therapist. I enjoy the one to one interaction with the patient and I’m passionate about educating patients regarding their oral health and where they are situated in term of keeping a healthy gum. Outside of work I enjoy painting with water colours, jogging on the beach and having a walk in one of Wellington beautiful parks

Vinni Fernando – Dentist

Vinni graduated from University of Otago in 1994

Laura Bridger – Dentist


Wei-Yan Fan – Dentist


Emily Sutton – Dentist


Arun Subramaniam – Hygienist


Maggie Li – Hygienist


Annie Sirikhanchai – Hygienis


Sarah Gluestein – Hygienist


Caitlin Stevenson – Dental Hygienist


Testimonials for Rob Smith

I have always had crooked teeth and always wanted to do something about it.

They were also yellowish in places despite my best efforts at keeping them clean. I almost never smiled at people, and when I did I always felt embarrassed. I decided to have a look at composite veneers to see if they could make my teeth look a bit better.

I made the appointment to see Rob to discuss my options. At the initial consultation Rob explained my options and we decided that composite veneers would be the way to go. He then did a quick demonstration to give me an indication of what the composite veneers could do. This involved sticking some of the material to the front of my teeth and shaping it to give an indication of what the finished result might look like. It took about 15 minutes and the change was dramatic. I made the decision right then to go with it.

The mock-up was then removed and I was back to having crooked teeth again. No change was made to my teeth and if I had decided not to go ahead and get the veneers my teeth would have been none the worse for the trial.

To prepare my teeth for the veneers, I went to see the hygienist, Mel, to get them professionally cleaned. She did a wonderful job and I got comments from people that my teeth looked much better. The putting on of the veneers was to take two sessions of 2 1/2 hours each. The first session Rob concentrated on the four front teeth. There was quite a bit to be done as one tooth stuck way out towards the front and had to be shortened by removing some of the tooth. While this was not reversible, it was necessary to give a good result, and I’m happy that it no longer cuts into the inside of my mouth.

While Rob and Lisa did their magic I lay back and watched a DVD. Going to the dentist was never like this when I was a kid!! It was also not painful and I only required anesthetic when Rob was removing sections of tooth.

After the first session I was very pleasantly surprised at the results so far. I have no idea how Rob achieved the result he did, but my front teeth were straight and looked totally natural. The result was significantly better than the mock-up. My mouth ached a little from being worked in for a couple of hours, and my teeth felt a bit funny for a while. But by the next day I was fine and ready for the second session. The second session was doing the two teeth on each side behind the front four teeth. Once again it was a relatively painless experience, and having been through the first session I found it easier to relax. Once that was done Rob did some adjustments to ensure my mouth could close properly and that there were no sharp edges left and that it felt comfortable

Then I got to see the results. I was nearly reduced to tears. The results were so much more than I had ever hoped for. I now have a smile that I am not embarrassed for people to see. I find myself smiling more at people, and they smile back. The whole process was relatively painless (much less than getting a filling) and inexpensive. I only wish I had done this a long time ago.

Thank you to everyone at Wellington dentists I love my new smile, and as a bonus, I am not longer hesitant about going to the dentist.

T George – Wellington

After returning from overseas after a two year period, I walked in off the street for an appointment with Rob, his having been recommended by a business friend.

My first impressions of his practice were very favourable – friendly and helpful staff out front, light, airy premises with cool cafe music, flat screens on the ceiling and cool images/movies to watch – a whole new experience for me at a dentist’s surgery. However, I was apprehensive at that first consultation – years of neglect, botched National Health dentistry from the UK, the attrition associated with middle age and the specific challenge of a weakened bridge at the front, the legacy of an old rugby injury, made me a walking dental nightmare! Then there was the worry about cost?!

I needn’t have worried: Rob immediately got to work, strategising a treatment plan and crafting solutions to my specific dental problems, something he is very clever at. He was upbeat and positive about the outcomes and e-mailed me a plan and quote that was very reasonable indeed. Once agreed upon, along with his assistant Lisa, the pair earnestly got to work.

Rob is an amazingly quick and efficient practitioner – he is very professional, totally focussed on the best outcomes and I consider him to be a true craftsman; the results he achieved with me after three days of intensive treatment were nothing short of remarkable. After being used to slow, invasive, brutal/ protracted regimes of drilling and filling, my experience in the chair with Rob by comparison was pain free, and certainly less arduous and relatively stress-free.

In short I would wholeheartedly recommend him: so if you have a dental problem you want to get fixed up, you now know where to go!

M Williams – Wellington

I had four appointments recently at Wellington Dentists Ltd I am reasonably qualified to comment on the service I received.

I was impressed with the website, the building, amazing old pictures on the walls and superbly clean and slick operation.

Because the ‘making’ of any business is the people, it is no surprise that you have a great practice. The people are so friendly, helpful, clear with instructions, and caring.

Nearing age 60, I have been to quite a few dentists and would suggest this experience was either the best ever, or very close to it. Everyone worked so smoothly together, and even under a good environment for pressure, still managed beautiful smiles, even Rob.

As a result I have been recommending this practice to anyone looking for a ‘great dental practice’. For those not looking for a ‘great’ practice I can confidently tell them they will be impressed by the level of care above their expectations.

As well, I love your system for contacting patients. Go Wellington Dentists Ltd.

Jack Ponting – Wellington

I thank the day I saw the Wellington Dentist’s website. Having had major dental issues all my life as a result of an accident when I was young and other compounding problems, my teeth were a mess. We are talking about crooked, missing and infected teeth. This even after being a diligent patient of a local dentist for twenty five years. To sort out my problems, I had been to dentists who gave me massive quotes, and briefly considered Asia, but no one I spoke to seemed to grasp the idea of what I wanted to achieve. They spoke when I wanted them to listen.

So I made an appointment with Rob Smith, based on the narrative and pictures published on the website. He listened to me, gave me an outline of my options, and sent me a treatment plan and price quote for my consideration, which I gratefully accepted. I could not believe the outcome that Rob and his team have achieved. My family and friends are also stunned at the difference in my appearance. I now have lovely straight teeth and can laugh and smile in public. I can look in the mirror without cringing. It is life-changing. I also could not believe how simple it was for me during the whole process. I had absolutely no pain or discomfort, the work was done so professionally and in modern, comfortable surroundings.

The team at Wellington Dentists made me feel welcome and were friendly and helpful, fitting in with my appointment requests as I do not live in Wellington. The cost of the treatment was much less than half of the other quotes I had received, yet the outcome was so much better. My other quotes did not include straightening my teeth, merely “filling the gaps”.

I cannot adequately describe how much difference my experience with Rob and the team has changed my well being and have no hesitation in recommending them for your dental problems, whatever they may be.

Des Newton – Christchurch

Rob Smith did an amazing job putting composite veneers on my front teeth. I had been really worried about having the procedure done and had put it off for quite a while. My teeth looked 100% improved after Rob had finished and I felt more confident to smile. I wasn’t in surgery for long and didn’t even require a local anaesthetic. I had previously been a dental nurse for nearly a decade and in my own personal experience could recommend Rob for dental cosmetic procedures as it has made such a difference to me ! Thank You Rob

Karin Roberts – Wellington

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