Our Team

Wellington Dentists is fast becoming known for excellence in cosmetic dentistry in the greater Wellington region. Come and talk to us!

Portrait of Rob Smith, Dentist
Rob Smith
Portrait of Christie Holmes, Dentist
Christie Holmes
Portrait of Jane Lambert, Dentist
Jane Lambert
Portrait of Ruth Lambeth, Dentist
Ruth Lambeth
Portrait of Lisa Bailey, Dental Hygienist
Lisa Bailey
Dental Hygienist
Portrait of Vinni Fernando, Dentist
Vinni Fernando
Portrait of Sarah Gluestein, Dental Hygienist
Sarah Gluestein
Dental Hygienist
Portrait of Wei-Yan Fan, Dentist
Wei-Yan Fan
Portrait of Laura Bridger, Dentist
Laura Bridger
Portrait of Nur Alnaimi, Dental Hygienist
Nur Alnaimi
Dental Hygienist
Portrait of Jay Jattan, Dental Hygienist
Jay Jattan
Dental Hygienist
Portrait of Jeff Jones, Dentist
Jeff Jones
Portrait of Sarah Tien, Dental Hygienist
Sarah Tien
Dental Hygienist

Our Services

Our special interests are in cosmetic dentistry and replacing missing teeth, having devoted countless hours in the perfection of our craft.

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