When teeth are missing there are a number of ways we can replace those teeth. A great way to do this is using a Composite bridge. A Composite bridge uses the teeth on either side of the space to replace the missing teeth. Composite Bridges are relatively inexpensive and require little or no tooth modification before placement there is very little risk. (they are most often done in comfort without local anaesthetic)

Before and after examples of Rob’s work. 31 Cases!

Example 1 : 2 Composite Bridges and 4 Composite Veneers

Example 2 : Composite Bridge and 4 Composite Veneers

Example 3: Bridge replacing a lateral incisor

Example 4: Bridge replacing a canine with a Composite Bridge and remodelling a lateral incisor with a Composite Veneer

Care for Bridges

Brush daily all areas around the bridge. It is not possible to floss between the replacement tooth and the attaching crowns (it is made as a solid piece). In order to solve this problem – it is necessary to use a special type of floss to go under the replacement tooth and keep this area of gum tissue healthy.

When a tooth is lost five or more other teeth may drift so it is essential to place a replacement tooth as soon as possible. The space left from missing teeth may cause one of several problems. Teeth may drift into the space changing your bite, this changed bite may result in sore jaws, gum disease, or decay (due to more difficult hygiene)

Firstly, the parts of the teeth used to attach the bridge are carefully roughened. This is achieved by using a light acid which makes the tooth surface easy to bond to. A combination of Composite resin and nylon strips are placed in the space between the teeth where they are hardened and shaped. After a final polish the bridge is ready to be used straight away.

A fixed bridge is used to replace one or several teeth. The teeth on each end of the space are used as anchors (abutments). Bridges are not removable by the Patient.

Composite Bridges have many benefits over conventional Porcelain Bridges; They are Metal free, they are repairable, they are about 30% of the price, they do not directly damage the teeth on either side except for the minor collateral damage associated with any bonding process, they can be placed in one appointment. The disadvantages are: no long term longevity studies have been done which makes them an unproven technology, they theoretically are more likely to decay the attached teeth in patients with poor oral hygiene, they are not as strong and probably wont last as long as Porcelain and they are more likely to develop staining.

Example 5: Closing gaps and rebuilding worn teeth with Composite Veneers and Composite bridges

Example 6: Closing gaps with Composite bridges

Example 7: 2 Composite bridges to replace Lateral Incisors and Canines (although Canines were present to hold the bridge)

Example 8: Combination Solution: Composite Bridge and 1 Composite Veneer

Example 9: Combination Solution: Composite Crown, 1 partial veneer and 1 Composite bridge

Example 10: Combination Solution: 2 Composite Bridges, Composite Veneers and Mini Implants

Testimonial for this Patient

I thank the day I saw the Wellington Dentist’s website. Having had major dental issues all my life as a result of an accident when I was young and other compounding problems, my teeth were a mess. We are talking about crooked, missing and infected teeth. This even after being a diligent patient of a local dentist for twenty five years. To sort out my problems, I had been to dentists who gave me massive quotes, and briefly considered Asia, but no one I spoke to seemed to grasp the idea of what I wanted to achieve. They spoke when I wanted them to listen.

So I made an appointment with Rob Smith, based on the narrative and pictures published on the website. He listened to me, gave me an outline of my options, and sent me a treatment plan and price quote for my consideration, which I gratefully accepted. I could not believe the outcome that Rob and his team have achieved. My family and friends are also stunned at the difference in my appearance. I now have lovely straight teeth and can laugh and smile in public. I can look in the mirror without cringing. It is life-changing. I also could not believe how simple it was for me during the whole process. I had absolutely no pain or discomfort, the work was done so professionally and in modern, comfortable surroundings.

The team at Wellington Dentists made me feel welcome and were friendly and helpful, fitting in with my appointment requests as I do not live in Wellington. The cost of the treatment was much less than half of the other quotes I had received, yet the outcome was so much better. My other quotes did not include straightening my teeth, merely “filling the gaps”.

I cannot adequately describe how much difference my experience with Rob and the team has changed my well being and have no hesitation in recommending them for your dental problems, whatever they may be.

Des Newton – Christchurch

Example 11: Replacing 1 tooth with a Composite bridge

Example 12: Composite Bridge to replace Central Incisor

Example 13: Bridge replacing 2 premolars

Example 14: Bridge replacing a molar

Example15: Bridge replacing 2 premolars

Example 16: Composite Bridge and 4 Composite veneers

Example 17: Bridge replacing a upper premolar (the existing filling has also been removed)

Example 18: Composite Bridge replacing a upper molar and stabilising other teeth

Example 19: Mini Implants and Composite bridges combined

Example 20: Composite bridges

Example 21: Replacing lower central incisor with Composite Bridge (shows internal framework stage)

Example 22: Composite bridge, 3 Composite crowns, a Composite veneer and mini implant Makeover

Example 23: Replacing a porcelain Bridge with a Composite bridge (inserting a gold inlay) and placing Composite veneers

Example 24: Rebuilding worn teeth with a Composite bridge and placing Composite veneers

Example 25: Replacing lower incisors with pink and white composite

Example 26: Replacing a premolar, a lateral incisor and a central incisor with composite bridges

Example 27: Combination Solution: Composite Bridge and 5 Composite Veneers

Example 28: Replacing a premolar with a Composite bridge, sequencing:

Example 29: Combination Solution; 5 Composite Veneers, 2 composite Bridges, 2 white fillings and 2 Mini Implant supported Composite Crowns

Example 30: Bridge replacing an incisor, a canine, a premolar and a molar; This option was chosen because the patient did not want to damage any more teeth, wanted a solution that was fixed in her mouth (not a denture) and could not afford conventional dental implants.  

Example 31: Composite bridges and Composite veneers

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