The best way we can give back to the community is to use the special skills we have to improve a persons smile and through that improve their confidence. With our ‘pay it forward’ idea we then hope the lucky recipient keeps this in mind when going out into the world with their new smile!

Paying it forward means two things for us; if you are able to afford any of the cost then we would like you to pay it to the City Mission in your community. Also, with our good deed we would expect you to then do a good deed with a similar effect for someone else, we dont need to know what it is, we will just trust you!

Candidates must have well looked after teeth with little (if any) decay.

Treatment will be done to the highest standard but as it is a gesture of goodwill we do not take any liability for ongoing maintenance. But we are likely to be generous in this regard.  Any photos or videos associated with the treatment could appear on this website or on our social media accounts.

We don’t treat every applicant but if  we have it on good authority that you would struggle to pay and you have a problem we can treat, we would love to help.

To apply please ‘tell us your story’ in an email to and we will call you back.

See below for some examples of Rob’s ‘Pay it forward’ work:





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