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Q Card dental payment plans Wellington dentists provide payment plans for dental treatment using the Q Card - Pay off your dental bill over 12 months interest free

payment plans using the Q Card system

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Payment Plans

Wellington Dentists is making it easy for you to get the dental treatment you need by working with Q Card to provide 12 months no Payments and Interest free.

*12 months no payments and no interest (‘Payment Holiday’) is available on Q Card Flexi Payment Plans. Minimum purchase $300. Account fees may apply. A $55 Establishment Fee for new Q Cardholders and a $35 Advance Fee for existing Q Cardholders will apply. Q Card Standard Interest Rate applies at the end of the Payment Holiday. Payment Holiday period may vary depending on Q Cardholder’s payment cycle dates. Offer is on-going. Q Card lending criteria, fees, terms and conditions apply.


How do I apply for 12 months interest free?

There are a number of different ways:

1) New Q Card Holders:

  • In the practice: Complete a Q Card application form in our waiting area and hand this form back to reception. We will process this application and advise you of the outcome.
  • At home: Apply at home via our website. If approved simply take you drivers license into Wellington Dentists so we can process the contract.
  • Via post: Complete the Q Card application form and mail to FPF(Q Card), Private Bag 94013, Auckland City 2241. If approved you should receive a Q Card in the post within 10 days. Call Wellington Dentists with your card number so we can process the contract.

2) Current Q Card Holders:

  • In the practice: Simply present your Q Card to us at reception and we will process the contract.

What fees do I get charged when I apply?

The fees that will be charged are an Establishment Fee of $45 plus $3 PPSR fee. If you are a current Q Card holder the advance fee is $35. There is an annual account fee of $45 which is broken down into two $22.50 fees charged in advance. The first $22.50 fee will be charged to your first statement.

What is the maximum value I can apply for?

The application credit limit is usually capped at $8500. Higher credit limits can be applied for.

If I need help completing the form online who can I call?

Please call the Q Card Customer Support line (0800 11 7000).

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